Welcome to the official clearinghouse for more information than any individual could possible wish to know about Seth Fingers Flynn Barkan. While those who are already familiar with his work know that his creative endeavors span a range of genres and mediums (he has worked as a journalist, entertainment writer, has had several collections of his poetry in print, and is also very proud of his calligraphy and other efforts in the visual arts) this site will focus mainly on his work as a Stride Pianist, with plans to expand to other, more esoteric interests in the future.

-Ivor Molina, Site Master and Adjunct Lord of Penultimate Darkness


Sorry... while this site was under massive reconstruction, everything fell apart, and is now under construction AGAIN. Joy.




To folks who heard the Studio360 segment (produced by the wonderful Jenny Lawton), and can't wait for his forthcoming album (a collection of hot-time, whorehouse-style Stride Piano tunes), please check out Seth's (damn-nigh-innumerable) YouTube videos. The album will be available on Itunes and as an Ep sometime later this summer.


Seth's currently recording his first album to see national release! Tentatively titled "Down And Out," it will be available this summer as an EP and on Itunes, and is being produced in LA by Working Blue Productions. He's using a fully-restored grand piano from 1886 on all the tracks and the rough mixes sound great!


In anticipation of the demi-immenent-release of a current recording project, this site has (for better or worse) been launched. Expect it to be in a state of perpetual construction for the next few months.